Late Drop/Add

Tips for using eDrop/eAdd

Keep these tips in mind before you submit an eDrop, eAdd, or both.

Submitting a request is not a confirmation that the course has been dropped or added. After the appropriate advisor, department chair, and/or dean has approved your request, you’ll get an email confirming that your request was approved and your schedule has changed. It’s your responsibility to monitor the status of your request.

Until you receive an email that says an eDrop request has been approved, you’re still enrolled in the course and should continue to attend all classes. Any request that hasn’t been approved or denied two weeks after you submit it will not be approved.

Additional tuition charges may apply when you change your schedule.

Once an eAdd request is approved, the date you submitted it will be the date used to add the class and determine the fees you’ll pay. 

Dropping classes could result in less financial aid, or may require you to repay aid you’ve already received.

If you use eDrop/eAdd swap, each of your requests depends on the approval of the other. If either one is not approved, neither request will be processed. However, if you submit your request by the automatic W deadline and the eAdd component is denied after the deadline, you may still be able to drop the class.

Options to consider before dropping classes

  • Review the class syllabus to figure out what your final grade could be.
  • Meet with your instructor to learn what you can do to improve your grade.
  • Manage your time to focus on the classes, assignments, and exams that will help your progress the most. Ask your instructors and advisor for help setting priorities.
  • Talk to your instructor about the possibility of an incomplete. (Be aware that an incomplete is almost never possible if you’ve taken the final exam.)
  • Consider retaking the class in the future.
  • Consider dropping all classes, which is possible through the Friday before final exam week.

To drop classes after the last day of final exam week, contact the Student Advocates Office to discuss if and how you might be able to drop classes.