Grade Changes & Retaking Classes

What you can do if you’re not happy with a grade

If you are an undergraduate student and you feel you’ve been graded unfairly or that you could do better in a class, you have options for trying to raise your GPA.

Retake the class

If you receive a grade lower than an A in a class, you may be able to retake the class to remove that grade from your GPA. (Note that both grades will remain on your transcript; however, the earlier will have an X next to it and, depending on your school, may not be included in your GPA.)

Talk to your advisor or visit your school’s record office. If you’re eligible for the X grade replacement policy, they’ll advise you to fill out a petition form.

  • You can apply for an X grade for no more than three courses or 10 credits, whichever is less.
  • You must complete, sign, and submit the petition before you graduate.
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Appeal your grade

In most cases, you should appeal a grade with the instructor who gave you the grade. If you can’t resolve the matter with your instructor, talk with the chair or director of your department.

Check your school’s academic bulletin for information about the appeal process.

Remove an Incomplete

The process for removing an incomplete grade is different. Learn more about an Incomplete and how to handle it.

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