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IU Grants

Sometimes the university pays you

IU offers several grants to students who qualify. To be eligible for any of these grants, you must complete your FAFSA by April 15.

Pell Promise Award

If you’re an in-state student who qualifies for a Federal Pell Grant, you’ll automatically be considered for an IU Pell Promise Award for the same semester. This award pays tuition and mandatory fees that are not covered by the Federal Pell Grant or other types of gift aid.

To be eligible for a Pell Promise Award, you must:

  • Be classified as an Indiana resident undergraduate
  • Be an incoming freshman or the recipient of a Pell Promise Award the year prior, and must not be a transfer student
  • Be enrolled full time at the end of the first week of classes (note that waitlisted classes do not count)

Your Pell Promise Award depends on your Expected Family Contribution and will decrease as other gift aid (grants, scholarships, and other aid you don’t have to repay) is reported.

Learn more about Federal Pell Grants

21st Century Scholarship Covenant

If you receive the 21st Century Scholarship Award, you’ll automatically be considered for a 21st Century Scholarship Covenant.

LaVerne Noyes Award

If you’re a direct descendent of an American veteran of World War I and meet the requirements below, you may be eligible for the LaVerne Noyes Award.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be enrolled at least half time in a degree-seeking undergraduate program
  • Make satisfactory academic progress
  • Demonstrate at least $1,000 in unmet financial need on your FAFSA
  • Provide documentation that your qualifying World War I veteran met the following requirements:
    • Honorable discharge or discharge due to death
    • One of the following:
      • Six months of military service prior to November 11, 1918
      • Active service overseas in World War I prior to November 11, 1918
      • Died in service during World War I

After you have completed your FAFSA and determined that you have $1,000 or more in unmet need, contact us to submit your documentation. Documentation should include:

  • Copies of birth certificates and/or marriage licenses tracing your relationships completely and directly to the veteran (a birth certificate for the veteran is not required)
  • Official documentation to verify the veteran’s military service, such as:
    • An honorable discharge certificate
    • A certification letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

You’ll need to provide documentation prior to your first award only. If you’re unable to submit all documentation until after an award period is ended, you will not be able to receive the award for that period.

IU Staff Council Award

If your parents are IU staff members, you may be eligible for an IU Staff Council Award. Students who have the highest need will be more likely to get an award.

To qualify, you must:

This grant is funded by an IU Foundation endowment, and the amount available changes each year. Awards are offered until all funds have been distributed.