Fresh Start through Academic Renewal

Get a fresh start through academic renewal

Beginning fall 2019, the faculty at Indiana University Bloomington have implemented a grades forgiveness policy, called Fresh Start, for undergraduate students returning to campus:

  • After at least three years (36 months) away from school
  • Who have been re-admitted to IU Bloomington as a degree-seeking student
  • To complete their first bachelors’ degree

Under this policy, all grades earned prior to the return (fall 2019 or later) will be removed from your GPA.

Courses in which you earned a grade of C or better will continue to count towards degree requirements. See an advisor or school representative for an interpretation of how general education courses are considered based on your individual record.

Points to consider

  • To receive a degree, you must complete a minimum of thirty (30) credits at IU Bloomington after Fresh Start has been awarded.
  • Once awarded, you may not revoke Fresh Start.
  • If you were previously awarded academic forgiveness at any Indiana University campus you are not eligible for the Bloomington policy.
  • The application of Fresh Start prevents you from using other academic forgiveness policies, such as the X grade replacement policy.

For these reasons, and to ensure that you completely understand the effects of the Fresh Start policy on your academic record, you must discuss your unique situation with an academic advisor or school representative before submitting a Fresh Start application.

Once a full consideration has been completed, you may apply for the Fresh Start policy. Please note that a personal statement (500 words or less) outlining your plan for success is required on the application. Specific details are available on the request form.

The deadline to apply for the Fresh Start policy is the last day of classes in the first term when you’ve returned to IU Bloomington. Given the amount of review required for this application, a decision may not be available until midway through the following term. 

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