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Drop & Add Classes


Drop and add deadlines for the winter intersession can be found on the Official Calendar. The drop/add access fee of $8.70 will not be charged for the spring 2021 semester.

Need to change your schedule? Read this first.

Before you drop or add a class, make sure you understand the rules. Your timing makes all the difference when it comes to whether or not you’re hit with extra fees or a bad grade.

Dropping or adding classes can affect your financial aid, scholarship status, or tuition cost. If you do decide to drop or add a class, be sure to talk with your academic advisor first. If you’re worried about what will happen with your finances, contact us. We’ll talk you through it.

When to swap classes

If you’re an undergraduate student enrolled in 12–18 credit hours, be sure to drop and add at the same time—ideally, on the same day. This action, sometimes called “course swapping,” will keep your tuition from changing. You may be charged additional fees if you don’t submit a drop and add together.

Making changes during the continuous drop/add period

Continuous drop/add is available from the beginning of early registration through the Sunday following the first week of classes. If you drop a class during this time, it won’t show up on your transcript or grade reports. So if you want to avoid a W (“Withdrawn”) grade, make sure to drop by this deadline.

Schedule adjustment fees

You’ll be charged a drop/add access fee of $8.70 each day you make a schedule change after two business days from the date you register for the term.

If you drop courses after the first week of classes, you’ll be charged a $23.00 late schedule change fee for each course you drop.