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The first spring refunds from financial aid are generated on this day.  Financial aid can be disbursed no sooner than 10 days before the start of the term, so students who have a late semester start date (e.g., overseas study, or 2nd 8 week courses), will have financial aid post later, resulting in a later spring refund date.

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Student Central: The basics of financial aid refunds

Student Central: Official Calendar

Canvas Training Resources

Student Accounts Training—Module 7: Refund Types and Processing

Second spring refund

Second refund date for term for refunds generated from financial aid.  For the remainder of the semester, refunds from financial aid will run weekly on Fridays.

Uncovered charges from the statement generated on December 16, 2021 are due on this date. Students and authorized 3rd Party Users must pay balance due by this date or enroll in a payment plan to keep the account in good standing.

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Student Central: Pay Your Bill

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Canvas Training Resources

Student Accounts Training—Module 5: Billing Cycle

Student Accounts Training—Module 6: Nelnet Quickpay Payment Plan

Pell amount (for eligible students) is based on their enrollment on this date. If a student completes initial enrollment after the Pell Census date, Pell amount is determined by the number of hours on the first date of enrollment. If a student changes enrollment status after the Pell Census date (from ¾ to full-time for example), Pell amount cannot be increased.

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Student Central: Federal Grants

Canvas Training Resources

Student Services Training—Module 6: Federal Pell Grant

Students are charged for registering late for spring term on the Friday before classes begin and onward beginning at $60 that day and increasing by $10 each week.

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Student Central: Registering Late

Canvas Training Resources

Student Accounts Training—Module 4: Late Registration Fees

Any time a student has withdrawn from a course after the 100% refund deadline for a specific session, they are assessed a W and are charged a $23 late schedule change fee. 100% refund deadlines for Winter, 16W, 13W, 8W1, and 8W2 can be viewed on the Official Calendar. To view important dates for non-standard sessions, please visit the Non-Standards Session Dates calendar on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Useful Web Page

Student Central: Drop and Add Classes

Student  Central: Official Calendar

Office of the Registrar: Non-Standard Session Dates

Canvas Training Resources

Student Accounts Training—Module 3: Registration and Schedule  Change Fees