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Schedule of Classes
Schedule of Classes

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This semester's Schedule of Classes can be found in One.IU. Start your search using the term Schedule of Classes. This is a real-time schedule and shows current course availability.

You can use the Details button on each class search result to learn more about a specific course. It will notify you of any course prerequisites or special permissions. You can learn more about those in Before You Register.

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Previous Semester Course Listings

You can also use the Office of the Registrar's Course Browser to look for previous semesters' course listings. Select the Archived Schedules tab, and you'll be able to access a list of past term schedules.

Special Course Listings
Fall Term 2016 Spring Term 2016 Summer Term 2016
First Eight-Week Sections First Eight-Week Sections First Four-Week Classes
Second Eight-Week Sections Second Eight-Week Sections Second Four-Week Classes
Nonstandard Duration Sections Nonstandard Duration Sections Third Four-Week Classes
Intensive Writing Courses Intensive Writing Courses First Six-Weeks Classes
Residential Education Courses Residential Education Courses Second Six-Weeks Classes
Other Special Course Offerings Other Special Course Offerings First Eight-Weeks Classes
CASE Special Course Offerings CASE Special Course Offerings Second Eight-Weeks Classes
General Education Courses General Education Courses Full-Term/12-Week Classes
Online Education Courses Online Education Courses Intensive Writing Classes
Evening Class Schedule Evening Class Schedule Nonstandard Duration Sections
Other Special Course Offerings
CASE Special Course Offerings
General Education Courses
Online Education Courses
Evening Class Schedule

You can also request a full list of courses sorted by school and/or department.

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Related Component Courses

Some classes include both credit (lecture) and noncredit (discussion, laboratory, etc.) components. When you choose a class with related components, the registration system will automatically help you register in the related components.

This is important: You cannot add a waitlist for one component of the course if you are already enrolled in the course. You can add another class “set,” such as a lecture and lab, to your enrollment as a waitlist.

Registration Deadlines

For an at-a-glance view of important Early, Open, and Late registration deadlines, use the Official Calendar published by the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin.

You can also use the bulletin to find this semester's waitlist deadlines, pass/fail deadlines, add/drop deadlines, and more.

Remember the Student Central on Union Calendar will also remind you of these deadlines as they approach, so make sure to check back regularly!