Make sure you keep your address up to date as soon as you become aware of any changes. Here are the different addresses we may have on file for you, and how those addresses are used.

Change Your Address
Current Students

If you’re a current student, you can use the Student Center to update your address electronically.

  • Here's what you do »
    1. Go to the Student Center. (via One.IU)
    2. Click the Start button.
    3. Login to CAS using your network Username and Password (if prompted).
    4. From the Student Center, scroll down to the Personal Information section.
    5. Review the address displayed in the Contact Information box.
    6. Click on the address type to be updated.
    7. Click on the green Edit button to update an existing address.
    8. Click on the Add a New Address button to add an address to a different address type.
    9. Enter the address information. Click OK.
    10. Select the appropriate address type from the box on the right. Do not select an existing type, as indicated with an asterisk.
    11. If appropriate, change the date to reflect the first date for the new address.
    12. If adding a LOCAL address, select the appropriate housing code.
    13. Click Save.

    If a housing type can be deleted, you’ll see a green Delete button displayed in the far right column.

Former Students

If you’re a former student, you can change your address via email or fax, or submit the changes in writing.

  • Here's what you do »

    By email:

    By fax: (812) 855-3311 ATTN: Address Change

    In writing:

    Indiana University, Office of the Registrar
    ATTN: Address Change
    408 N. Union Street
    Bloomington IN 47405-3800

    When submitting your request, be sure to include:

    • Your full name as it appears on your record
    • Your student identification number
    • Prior address
    • Type of address to be changed
    • Your signature if it’s a written or faxed request
Address Update Deadlines

If you’re trying to change your address to receive a certain document, use the following deadlines to guide your requests.

Bursar refund checks: 14 days prior to the first day of classes
For inclusion in student directories: End of the first week of classes for each semester/session

If you’d like exact dates, you can email us at

Address Type Summary

In the Student Center, you'll encounter different types of addresses that IU uses to contact you for different reasons. Below is a quick (but not necessarily exhaustive) field guide to the most commonly requested address types and the sorts of things they're used for.

Address Type Description Used for Can I update this in Self-Service?
Student Home

Your permanent address, where mail will always reach you, usually a parent’s address. This is the only address reflected on your permanent record.

Diplomas, Commencement, Honors Convocation, Transcripts, International Students to maintain J1 SEVIS Immigration compliance



Your nonresidence hall address, where you live this semester while attending IU.
If you live in Bloomington university residence halls or university apartments, you should not provide a local address. Residential Programs and Services (RPS) will do this for you by updating your Student Housing address.

Financial aid refund checks, Enrollment info, Mailings, International Students to maintain F1 SEVIS Immigration compliance


Student Housing

This is your residence hall or university apartment address. Supplied by RPS based on your signed housing contract, and used in place of local address.

Financial aid refund checks, Enrollment info, enrollment bulletin, mailings, International Students to maintain F1 or J1 SEVIS Immigration compliance

No. Used for display only


Mailing address is used only by the Office of Admissions prior to your enrollment at IU.

Admissions info, First Year Experience



IU employee home address. Changes to this address must be submitted to Human Resources. Academic employees should submit address changes to Faculty Records in Bryan Hall 016.

Benefits, Human Resource info

Update but not delete


By request, if diploma is to be sent to address other than Student Home.

Special diploma considerations.