Cost of Attending IU

Our office estimates a standard Cost of Attendance for all students based on their undergraduate/graduate status, residency, level of enrollment (e.g., full-time, half-time, etc.), and, in some cases, academic program.

This is important: You will not receive aid in excess of your estimated Cost of Attendance.

Budgets are determined by adding the appropriate figures for tuition and mandatory fees (Activity, Repaid & Rehab, Student Health, Technology, Transportation), as well as estimates for room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal or miscellaneous expenses.

Below are examples of a few types of budgets, shown for the full academic year, which include the fall and spring semesters. Cut these numbers in half to figure the cost of one semester.

The tuition and fees outlined here are based on full-time enrollment: 12 to 18 credits for undergraduates per semester, and 11 credits for graduate students.

Full-Time Undergraduate Students, 2015–2016 Academic Year
in-state out-of-state
Tuition & Fees $10,388 $33,740
Room & Board * $9,794 $9,794
Books & Supplies * $1,230 $1,230
Total Direct Costs $21,412 $44,764
Transportation * $1,030 $1,030
Personal * $2,096 $2,096
Total Cost of Attendance $24,538 $47,890

*Actual costs vary by student, based on student choice and travel habits.

If you are a part-time undergraduate student or an undergraduate living with your parents, your Cost of Attendance is based on different factors. Visit the Student Self-Service “Student Center” in One.IU for your specific budget.

Full-Time Graduate Students, 2015–2016 Academic Year
in-state out-of-state
Tuition & Fees $9,038 $25,878
Room & Board* $12,150 $12,150
Books & Supplies* $830 $830
Total Direct Costs $22,018 $38,858
Transportation* $2,958 $2,958
Personal* $4,078 $4,078
Total Cost of Attendance $29,054 $45,894

Different budgets may be used for some graduate programs. You can view your specific budgets in the Student Self-Service Student Center section in One.IU.

*These averages and costs vary by student based on student choice and travel habits.