Take Courses Outside IU

Planning to study abroad or take a summer class close to home? You can take classes at another college or university and apply to transfer those credits back to IU.

Request a Transient Letter

Many schools require a transient letter before you can enroll. If you’re in good academic standing, it will state that you are eligible to re-enroll at IU and include the following policy statement:

Indiana University does not prohibit any student from attending classes at any other institution. Undergraduate courses receiving grades of “C” or above from an accredited institution will be evaluated for possible transfer to IU.

To request a letter, complete the Enrollment/Degree Certification Form. Then mail it or drop it off at Student Central on Union.

This is important: Public information, which includes enrollment status, degrees earned, and address information, may be provided without the student's authorization. According to federal law and IU policy, we must obtain the student's signature before we can release private information, such as grades, GPA, good academic standing, and class schedule.

See If Credits Will Transfer

You can check online to see if the courses you want to take will transfer to IU Bloomington through our Credit Transfer Service.

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Once you complete a course outside of IU, you need to have your official transcript sent directly to the Office of Admissions, 300 North Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405. You can receive credit for courses where you earned a "C" or above. More information about what to expect with the transfer credit process is available from the Office of Admissions' Credit Transfer Service.

If your college or university transcript requires an email address for electronic delivery, please use iublrecv@indiana.edu.

Transfer from a Different IU Campus or Center

Interested in completing your degree at IU Bloomington?
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Transfer from Another College or University

Interested in transferring to IU from a college or university outside of the Indiana University system? You will need to apply for admission to Indiana University.
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Take Classes at IU While Enrolled at Another College or University

Many students take classes over the summer or for a semester while they are enrolled at another university.
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