When to Register

Each term, you’re assigned a personal registration appointment based on your class standing and the total number of credits you’ve earned. The more credits you’ve earned, the earlier your appointment. This appointed window of time is referred to as Early Enrollment.

Students who are eligible to enroll, but do not have a registration appointment, may do so during Open Registration. This includes all new undergraduate students, new graduate students, and intercampus transfer students.

This is important: You can register anytime after your scheduled appointment until the close of Open Registration.

To see your personal registration appointment, log in to One.IU and use the search term "Student Center". Click the app to go directly to the Student Center.

When you’re ready, you’ll register for classes using the Student Center via One.IU.

Late Registration

If you have not yet enrolled for the semester, and you have missed the Open Registration deadline, you have the first week of classes to register through One.IU. This window of time is referred to as Late Registration. Please note, if you register during Late Registration, a late registration fee will be assessed. Waiver of the late registration fee will be considered only when it can be clearly demonstrated that the university, through one of its offices or officials, is directly responsibile for the late registration.

You can visit the Office of the Bursar for more Fee Payment Information.

This is important: After the first week of classes and after Late Registration closes, all classes requested must have prior departmental authorization.

  • Late Registration Procedure

    1. Obtain a late registration form from your school recorder's office. If you are a graduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will be referred to the college's graduate office.
    2. Check for any registration holds in One.IU.
    3. Follow the advising procedure established by your school or department.
    4. Record your preferred and alternate course selections on your program planning sheet, which is on the reverse side of the registration form.
    5. Consult the final examination schedule.
    6. Obtain authorization signatures on the program planning sheet for each desired credit section from the department offering the class. Class requests will not be processed without the proper signatures.
    7. Visit Student Central on Union. Once you present your registration form, a service representative will process your registration.

Registration Holds

Before you can register for classes, you must be clear of any registration holds. There are many reasons why an office may place a hold on your registration. Visit the One.IU Record Holds app to see if there is a hold on your account. That’s where you’ll find information about the hold, including the reason, the department that issued the hold, and what you need to do to release the hold.

Generally, it takes about 24 hours for holds to be released after you have taken action to resolve them. Once they are cleared, you will be allowed to register.

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