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Explanation of Grades
Explanation of Grades
Grade Values

Credit Point System

The following grade values are used to calculate your semester or cumulative grade point average (GPA).

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Please note: Only grades A+ through D- are used in calculating your semester and cumulative GPA.

Grade Quality of Achievement Points Per Credit Hour
A+ Highest passing grade 4.0
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- Lowest passing grade 0.7
F 0.0

Repeated courses or hours with a grade of D- hours don’t fulfill degree requirements but the hours count toward the total number of hours needed for the degree.

  • Additional Grade Values for Final Grade Entry

    The following values are available via the faculty grade rosters and the eGrade Change system as appropriate.

    I* (I with an asterisk)—Academic misconduct matter pending that may affect student’s final grade. The I* value will be reflected on the academic record as I.

    F* (F with an asterisk)—Instructor has assigned this grade to the student as the sanction for academic misconduct. (The sanction imposed for academic misconduct was a failing grade in the course). The F* value will be reflected on the academic record as F.

    FN—Student stopped attending at some point in the term, has not officially withdrawn, and has not earned sufficient scores to pass the course. The last documented date of class attendance or participation must be included on the roster. The FN value will be reflected on the academic record as F.

    FNN—No documented evidence that student ever attended the class. No date should be provided. The FNN value will be reflected on the academic record as F.

    Note: Faculty Council policies require instructors to indicate instances of academic misconduct (BFC, April 4, 2006) and/or unofficial withdrawals (UFC, March 20, 1999) when submitting final grades at the end of the term.

    The following grades are not considered in computing semester or cumulative university grade point averages:

    AU Audit No Credit (discontinued 1965)
    AX through DX (including plus and minus grades) Denotes a graded course taken under the Extended-X Policy
    CF Credited on Certificate (discontinued 1965)
    DF Deferred (discontinued 1965; treated as Incomplete)
    E Conditional (discontinued 1965; treated as Incomplete)
    EX Exemption (discontinued 1965)
    FX Denotes a course originally failed and subsequently retaken during or after first semester 1976–77 (see undergraduate GPA exception above)
    I Incomplete (effective first semester 1977–78, automatically changed to F after one calendar year; see also grade of R)
    NC No Credit (established 1971; replaced AUDIT (AU))
    NR No Report Submitted by Instructor (used for unreported grades for prior semesters or coursework that has not been graded for the current semester)
    NY Used to signify enrollment in a special program for which credit when earned will be shown as an ADDITIONAL entry on the permanent academic record
    O Denotes an Incomplete in a course taught through Purdue University
    P Passed (pass/fail option). The pass/fail option permits graduate and undergraduate students to enroll in a course and receive a grade of P or F. Pass/fail option courses are normally limited to electives. The responsibility of approval, as well as special regulations affecting the option, rests with the dean of the student's school or division under procedures that the school or division establishes. Instructors are not notified of undergraduate students registering for this option. A grade of P cannot subsequently be changed to a grade of A, B, C, or D
    R Deferred (effective first semester 1977–78, used for coursework that can be evaluated only after two or more semesters; such coursework was previously graded with I.)
    S Satisfactory (entire class graded S or F)
    T Denotes credits transferred from another institution
    W Withdrawn Passing (prior to second semester 1974–75, used to indicate withdrawal while passing. Effective Second Semester 1974–75, used to reflect students who withdraw while passing after the official Drop and Add Period.)
    X Passed Without Grade (discontinued 1965; treated as Satisfactory)
  • Plus and Minus Grades

    Effective First Semester 1977–78, plus and minus grades printed on the record are included in graduate and undergraduate cumulative averages.

    Two levels of cumulative averages may be calculated on the record. The undergraduate summary reflects all courses taken by the student while enrolled as an undergraduate. The graduate summary reflects all courses taken by the student while enrolled as a graduate.

    Although plus and minus grades for graduate students enrolled in certain schools may be printed on the record, they are not calculated as plus and minus grades in the cumulative averages prior to first semester 1977–78.

Grade Records

At the end of each semester, you can download a Grade Record with Context Grades to see how you and your classmates did in a specific class.

To access yours, you’ll be asked to provide your Student ID. You may be asked to enter your username and passphrase if you haven’t already done so at the start of your current browser session.

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Context Grades

This is what your grade record will look like:

screen capture showing grade report

Your record will provide you with:

  1. Program Statistics
    This will show you a breakdown of your GPA according to the rules determined by your academic program. It is current to the Date Issued.
  2. IU Statistics
    This is a breakdown of your GPA according to standard university-wide rules.
  3. Context grades
    If there were at least five students in your class—all earning GPA grades—this report will also list class statistics, or context grades. Context Grades include Grade Distribution, Class GPA, Percentage of Majors, and Average Student GPA for each class section.

If fewer than five students were enrolled in the course section, or if GPA grades were awarded and fewer than five students received GPA grades, the Grade Distribution portion of the record will display the message: *NOT AVAIL/SMALL CLS,* and all other grade context fields will be marked with a N/A notation.

It will look like this:

screen shot of message indicating grade is not avaialble

  • How to Read Your Grade Record

    screen capture of grade record

    Grade Distribution
    This is the number of students in the course section receiving each of the possible grades that can be awarded.

    Average Class GPA
    This is the average of all GPA grades awarded in the course section. It is calculated by totaling the credit points for all GPA grades awarded and dividing it by the total number of GPA grades.

    Percentace of Majors
    This is the percentage of students in the course section whose major school matches the school or department offering the course. This includes the College of Arts and Sciences and the University Graduate School.

    Average Student GPA
    The Average Student GPA is calculated by averaging the record GPAs of all students enrolled in the course section at the time the grade context information is compiled. The GPA level used for each undergraduate or graduate student is the student's GPA level. Grades awarded for the semester displayed are included in this calculation.

    Units are the same as class credits.

    Visit our Grade Values section to learn more about the value of each letter grade.

    Note: Asterisks (*) will be displayed in this area if the student received a non-GPA grade, if fewer than five students in the class received GPA grades.

Campus Grade Distribution Records

Campus grade distribution reports are available from 1994 to the end of the most recently completed academic term. You can search those records by instructor name, academic department, or by the course and individual class section.

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If you have received the grade of Incomplete (I), you should not register for the course a second time. Instead, arrange with the instructor to have the Incomplete (I) changed to a letter grade upon completion of all requirements.

A grade of an incomplete may be removed if you complete coursework within the window of time established by your instructor. If you fail to complete that coursework and turn it into your instructor, your I automatically turns into an F.

Make sure you reach out to your instructor as soon as possible. The time allowed for the removal of an Incomplete is one calendar year from the date of its recording, although the dean of the student’s college or school may authorize adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances.

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