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Early Evaluations

The Bloomington Faculty Council passed a policy requiring instructors of courses in which freshmen or University Division sophomores are enrolled, as well as instructors of all General Education Common Ground courses, to submit letter grade evaluations for these students by Monday of the sixth week of the term. These grades are temporarily assigned to provide an early indication of your academic progress. Early Evaluations are intended for advising purposes and will not become part of your record.

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View Your Early Evaluations

Early Evaluations are reported by your instructor through the Grade Roster for your class. Your early evaluation grades for each class can be viewed in the SIS Student Center.

  • Find your early evaluations in One.IU
    1. Go to One.IU.
    2. Log in with your CAS username and password.
    3. Search for "Student Center" and click on the Student Center icon.
    4. Click the link My Academics & Grades.
    5. Under Term Information, click the View Grades link.
    6. Select the Mid-term Grades tab.

    Mid-term's Grades is where your Early Evaluations are displayed. The Official Grades tab is where your final grades will be listed at the end of the term. Make sure you’re looking at your current terms grades.

    In addition to letter grades A+ through F, or S or F, you may also see grades of FM or IM. The M notation is used in combination with F or I (Incomplete) grades to indicate excessive absence. The FM grade indicates a student is failing due to lack of attendance, while the IM grade indicates that no evaluation was possible because the student's enrollment status in the class is either unknown, or they're in the process of withdrawing.

    Learn more about Grade Values in Explanation of Grades »

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about your early evaluation grades, contact your instructor or your academic advisor.

If you’re having difficulty accessing your grades in One.IU, please send an email to You can also stop by our office anytime!