Diploma Information

Diploma Information

General Overview

You can expect to see your diploma in the mail approximately three months after you graduate.*

Here’s how it works: You’ll receive a red IU diploma cover at your commencement ceremony. We’ll mail your diploma to your student home address approximately two months after you graduate, once your final grades and completion of degree requirements have been verified. Because of delivery time, it will then take an additional two to four weeks to arrive in your mailbox. For example, if you are a May graduate, your diploma will arrive by about the middle of August.

To receive your diploma in the mail, please make sure that your current student home address is listed accurately in the Student Central on Union records. This is your responsibility.

Additionally, any holds on your record that prevent the release of documents  (including things like a Bursar encumbrance or a missed Student Loan Administration exit interview) can also prevent us from sending your diploma to you. It's a good idea to check for any holds through the Student Center in OneStart prior to graduation.

Generally, if you are graduating in the months of May, the end of summer, or December, we will send you an email during the semester in which you are scheduled to graduate. In the email you will be prompted to confirm or change the address we have on file.

This is important: You must be on file as a tentative/final graduate at the time the email is produced, or you will not receive it.

As a current student, you can change your address through OneStart. If you are a former student and you still have access to your OneStart account, you can also change your address there.

We’ll show you how »

Additionally, you can choose to send an email request to regrdemo@indiana.edu, or send a written request through the U.S. mail. You can also visit our office to fill out a Change of Address form.

All requests must include your name and student identification number.

* Please be aware that diplomas mailed to international addresses will likely take an additional four weeks. If you need it sooner than that, you might consider our FedEx International Priority delivery option.

Diploma Format

All diplomas, with the exception of professional diplomas, are 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

Professional diplomas, such as J.D. or O.D diplomas, are 16 x 20 inches.

The degree title will be located in the center of your diploma, below your name. Generally, your name will appear in this order: first name, middle name, last name.

The name that appears on the diploma will be the same as your PRIMARY name listed in OneStart.

This is important: It is your responsibility to verify that the name listed is correct, or to provide any changes required, including hyphens, spaces, lower/upper case letters, accents, etc.

Your major will appear on the diploma only if it is included in the official degree title.

For example, within the College of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Arts degrees with a major in English will read:

Bachelor of Arts

In the School of Business, the Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a concentration in finance will read:

Bachelor of Science in Business

Degree honors awarded to you will appear to the right of the degree title, while honors earned in the department, school, or the General Honors Program will appear to the left.

Still have questions? Give us a call or stop by our office »

Diploma Name & Address

Diploma Name Change

The name that appears on your diploma will be the same as your PRIMARY name listed in OneStart.

If you need to change or correct your name as it will appear on your diploma, you can complete a Request for Diploma Name Change form. You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to print it.

Email the form to diploma@indiana.edu. Or you can visit Student Central on Union to acquire the form, and fill it out there.

If you write a letter requesting a name change or correction, it must include your name, student identification number, and the name as you wish it to appear on the diploma. Your signature must appear on the letter.

Address Verification and Changes

Diplomas are mailed ten to twelve weeks after the graduation date to your Student Home address as listed in the Office of the Registrar's records. Generally, if you're graduating in the months of May, end of summer, or December, the Office of the Registrar will contact you via email towards the end of that term to verify this address, but it's your responsibility to ensure your Student Home address is current and correct.

If you're graduating in a month other than the ones listed above (an option for graduate students), you should submit your address to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the month following your graduation date.

We can show you how to update your address here »

U.S. Addresses

Diplomas are sent via the U.S. Postal Service Non-Profit Permit 2 to domestic addresses. If you want your diploma mailed to an address other than your Student Home address, you'll need to contact the Office of the Registrar in writing and provide your name, student identification number, and the address to which you want your diploma mailed. If your diploma is unable to delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and it's returned to the Office of the Registrar, they will re-mail it to you if they have an updated address.

In any case, if you haven't received your diploma four months after graduation, you should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

International Addresses

Diplomas mailed to international addresses are sent via U.S. Air Mail. If you wish to have your diploma sent to an international address, you must complete and sign the Request for Diploma Mailing to Non-U.S. Address. You can also pick up and complete the form at the Office of the Registrar, 408 N. Union St.

As a reminder, you should expect your diploma to take 2-4 weeks for domestic delivery from the time they're mailed. Diplomas mailed to international addresses can take four weeks longer to arrive.

If you need your diploma sooner, consider taking advantage of our FedEx Delivery Option.

FedEx Delivery Option

If you want to rush the delivery of your diploma, you can request to have it delivered by FedEx Priority for shipments within the United States.

For shipments outside of the United States, it can be delivered by FedEx International Priority. FedEx is currently the only rush delivery service we offer.

The fee for domestic overnight priority is $25. The fee for international priority is $45.

FedEx Priority Service Information

  • Payment by credit card is required when opting for FedEx delivery. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Any request for FedEx service that does not include a valid credit card number and expiration date will result in the document(s) being mailed regular mail via U.S. Postal Service.
  • FedEx will not deliver to a post office box, so please specify a street address.
  • FedEx requires a phone number for the recipient of the shipment be included on the air bill. Requests for FedEx service that do not include the required recipient phone number will result in the document(s) being mailed regular mail via U.S. Postal Service.
  • FedEx may be unable to provide delivery service to some remote locations. If you have any address delivery concerns, contact FedEx to confirm delivery is available to the recipient address prior to submitting your request.
  • For more information about Federal Express Priority delivery, go to www.fedex.com or call 1-800-463-3339 for questions regarding U.S. domestic shipments, 1-800-247-4747 for international shipments. Call your local FedEx office if calling from outside the United States.

Request FedEx Delivery

In order to receive your diploma using our FedEx Priority service, you must complete and sign a FedEx Request Form. Requests without signatures cannot be processed.

Return the form to us via:

  • Fax
    (812) 855-3311
  • Address

    Office of the Registrar
    ATTN: Diplomas, Rm 220
    408 N. Union Street
    Bloomington, IN 47405