Request a Certification

Request a Certification

General Overview

There may be instances in your academic and professional career where your current or past enrollment status as an IU Bloomington student will need to be verified. Most often, verification is used to:

  • Get a Good Student Discount for car insurance
  • Stay on your parents’ health insurance
  • Defer your loans
  • Authenticate your education to employers or screening firms
  • Respond to calls for jury duty
  • And more

The circumstance of the request will dictate how your enrollment will be verified.

For Good Student Discounts and insurance-related needs, you’ll go to One.IU (search term: Enrollment Verification Certificate) to connect with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), Indiana University’s trusted not-for-profit partner in student enrollment verification. You’ll be able to print an Enrollment Certification on your own.

In most cases, third parties requesting verification—usually employers or student lenders—will contact the NSC on their own.

Enrollment Certification

You can use an Enrollment Certification to send to health insurers, housing providers, or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment. Your certification does not include course or grade information, and it does not provide a GPA.

If you need to prove to your auto insurance agency that you qualify for a good student discount, you can use a Good Student Discount document.

To print either certification, you’ll access the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) through One.IU, using a secure web-based Enrollment Verification Certificate app.

By using this link, you’ll also be able to check the deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders, obtain a list of your student loan lenders, and view your enrollment history.

  • Learn how to access the NSC through One.IU
    1. Go to One.IU.
    2. Log in with your CAS username and password.
    3. Search for Enrollment Verification Certificate.
    4. You will be redirected to the National Clearinghouse website, where you’ll choose a service.

Please note that enrollment certification is not official until the first day of the term.

Written Certification Requests

Note that the enrollment information for any terms in which a student did not have a valid U.S. Social Security number on file with the university may not be available through the online system referenced above.

Note also that the anticipated graduation date will display only for students who have reported this information to Student Central on Union or their school recorder.

For enrollment histories prior to 2007 to be produced as an exception, complete and sign an Enrollment Certification Request Form.

Make sure you:

  • Include either a valid email address or daytime telephone number
  • Sign the request
  • Email (to, or mail to:
  • Address

    CERTIFICATION: University Student Services and Systems (USSS)
    Poplars 604
    400 East Seventh Street
    Bloomington, IN 47405

    Please note that there is no available fax service for receiving or delivery.

Enrollment Certifications will not be issued to students who have outstanding financial obligations, including past due accounts with the bursar, Student Loan Administration, Dean of Students/Greek housing, student ethics.

If you have a past due balance with any of these offices, there will be a "hold" on your record preventing you from being able to obtain your Enrollment Certification.

Third-Party Verification

Effective February 2009, the National Student Clearinghouse is Indiana University Bloomington’s authorized agent for providing enrollment and degree verifications.

If you are an employer or background screening firm requesting student enrollment verification, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200, or visit its website at

Please note: Public information includes terms enrolled, full-time or half-time status, degrees earned, and address information. It may be provided without the student’s authorization. According to federal law and IU policy, we must obtain the student’s signature before we can release “private information” such as grades, GPA, good academic standing, and class schedule.

Loan Deferment

Indiana University Bloomington has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment verification information for loan deferment to our student lenders.

Information about what has been shared with your lender is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year from the NSC website.

This is important: The Office of the Registrar and the NSC cannot process requests for student loan deferments until the first day of the fall term.

Have questions? Contact us anytime!

Or you can contact the National Student Clearinghouse.

Parent Plus Loan Deferment

The number one reason families have problems deferring their loans is that the lender has not associated the parent Social Security number with the student enrollment report.

Everyone in the loan deferment process has transitioned to electronic reporting, so IU no longer processes most loan deferment paperwork inhouse. Rather, we—like most major universities—have partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), which provides enrollment data electronically to lenders on a schedule the lender chooses.

We ask new students and their families to give us a paper form for each lender, and then for each additional lender over the time of a career—one form for each lender. We then use these paper forms to establish a link among the student and family, IU, NSC, and the lender. Thereafter, as long as the student is enrolled at least half-time during each regular fall and spring semester, the student's enrollment is reported automatically to the lender until the student earns a degree.

The Parent Plus deferment requests are put into this same stream. Each week, the completed Parent Plus deferment forms are mailed to NSC, so that NSC can be sure it is reporting to the correct loan servicer. The paper form, with your signature, is then mailed by NSC to the lender, for its records. The lender associates the parent social security number with the student enrollment record, so that the Parent Plus loan is eligible for deferment based on that same enrollment record. This is why we emphasize that both the parent and the student social security numbers be clearly indicated on the deferment paperwork.

As long as the student is enrolled at least half-time during the fall and spring semesters, the enrollment will automatically be reported to the loan servicer routinely until graduation, and no additional paperwork will be needed.

Indiana University's part in the deferment process is very specific and narrow—we report the student's enrollment. The lender decides whether or not to defer, and answers all questions on loan status, billing arrangements, and timelines.

To request enrollment reporting for a Parent Plus Loan, upload a copy of the completed, signed loan deferment request form using our secure contact link. (For your Topic, select Enrollment Certification under the Student Records category.)

Be sure to include not only all information for the parent borrower, but also for the student. The student's enrollment is the basis for the possible deferment.

Also, please be sure that the paperwork you send includes the name and address of your loan servicer.

Once the loan paperwork has been received by us, we recommend that you also call the loan servicer, explain that your deferment request is in process through NSC, and ask the lender to defer your loan.