Our student information system stores Primary, Preferred, and Degree names for you.

Your Primary name data is your legal identifier, as recognized by the federal government (Social Security Administration and the Department of State) and the state of Indiana. It’s what is reflected on your official academic record, and is used for transcripts. Your Primary name is also used for diplomas unless you have indicated a Degree name.

The Preferred name can be modified by an individual to recognize a diminutive or nickname (e.g., Bob rather than Robert or Cindy rather than Cynthia). Preferred name is used on IU’s Learning Management Systems (Canvas and OnCourse), class rosters, grade rosters, and on CampusAccess cards.

There is active monitoring of Preferred name changes. Your Preferred last name cannot differ greatly from your Primary last name. If you choose to modify your Preferred last name, the Office of the Registrar will follow up with you to verify the change.

Degree name is used for diploma purposes only. IIf you wish to request a variation of your legal name for the printing of your diploma (e.g., first or middle initial instead of full first or middle name), you can email

  • View your current name in the Student Center
    1. Go to the Student Center. (via One.IU)
    2. Click the Start button.
    3. Login to CAS using your network Username and Password (if prompted).
    4. Scroll to the Personal Information section.
    5. Click the Names link.
Student Name Change

University Employees learn more here »

Current and Former Students

If your name has been legally changed or is inaccurate, you’ll need to upload legal documentation using our secure contact form to update your Primary name. Please submit legal documentation such as driver's license, passport, Social Security card, marriage certificate, or official court document. For Topic, select Update Name or Profile under the Student Records heading. Browse your computer, thumb drive, etc., to find your scanned or photographed image, click Upload, then click Send Comment. If you do not immediately receive a message of success, please try again after verifying that the maximum image size, filename extension, and filename length fall within the stated criteria.

Once your form has been processed, your updated Primary name will be reflected on your academic record (including your diplomas and transcripts).

Your Preferred first and middle names can be changed in Student Self-Service. Go to Personal information (students)  in One.IU, and click Start. Click Edit to modify your Preferred name. Please be aware that changing your Preferred name will not update the name on your diplomas or transcripts.

Employee Name Change

Please note that if you are both a student and an employee, either hourly or academic, your Primary name is maintained by a separate office.

Current or former hourly employees and academic appointees, such as graduate assistants and associate instructors, must complete a Personal Data Change Form to make a name change for submission to Faculty Records or Human Resources.

As a courtesy, we will create a Degree name if requested. Please note that until a Personal Data Change Form has been submitted, the Primary transcript name and the Diploma name will not match. Matching names can be especially important for our international students.

This is important: Legal documentation, such as a copy of a Social Security card, marriage certificate, passport, or official court document, must be provided to support the name changes.

Current or former non-academic employees should deliver or mail their form to:

  • Address
    Indiana University Human Resources Services
    Poplars E165, 400 E. 7th Street
    Bloomington, IN 47405-3085
  • Phone
    For additional questions, call (812) 855-2172

Current or former academic appointees should mail or deliver the form to this address:

  • Address
    Indiana University Academic Personnel Policies and Services
    Bryan Hall 016, 107 S. Indiana Ave.
    Bloomington, IN 47405
  • Phone
    Former students, call (812) 855-2026