Birth Date

Occasionally an error is made when entering your birth date into our data system.

If your birth date is incorrect, please upload an image of your birth certificate, state driver’s license, or passport through our secure contact form. For Topic, select Update Name or Profile under the Student Records heading

Changes generally occur within a day once the correction request is received, and will appear on your official academic record. Some IU Bloomington computer applications may take an additional to 24 hours to update.

Student Employees

Hourly Employees with birth date corrections should fill out a Personal Data Change Form and take it to the Human Resource Records and Benefits Office, Poplars E165.

Academic appointees with birth date corrections must also complete a Personal Data Change Form. You’ll take it to Academic Personnel Policies and Services, Bryan Hall 016.

Please come prepared with a photocopy of a legal document that shows the correct date of birth, such as a birth certificate, passport, or state driver's license.