Additional Funding Opportunities

Federal Work-Study

If you qualify for financial aid, you may be eligible for a federal work-study job. These part-time jobs are available on and off campus. Unlike other campus jobs, however, a portion of your wages will be paid by the U.S. government.

Who Receives a Work-Study Job?

Work-study eligibility is awarded to students with exceptional financial need. Award priority is given to students who have previously worked in work-study positions.

Recipients must:

How Do I Apply for a Particular Work-Study Job?

Undergraduates can find work-study positions through the Career Development Center and at its biannual jobs fairs. If you decide to change work-study jobs, or obtain a second position, you should contact an IU Bloomington federal work-study coordinator »

How Much Will I Receive from a Work-Study Job?

How much you receive depends on how many hours you work and your hourly pay rate (minimum wage or higher). If you do not receive a work-study job, or you want to earn more, you are always eligible to apply for non-work-study positions on or off campus.

How to Apply for Federal Work-Study

You will need to complete the FAFSA by the IU Bloomington priority deadline (March 10), in addition to other requirements.

Summer Work Study

Students who utilized FWS for the academic year and are enrolled in at least one credit hour for the summer term are potentially eligible for summer work-study. Interested students should have their employer contact OSFA to request a summer FWS allocation for the student.