Additional Funding Opportunities

Overseas Study

The Office of Overseas Study offers over 80 programs for IU undergraduates, including full academic year, semester, and summer programs. These programs are classified as either IU-administered or IU-cosponsored, and are granted direct IU credit. This enables you to continue normal academic progress toward graduation while studying abroad.

IU-administered and IU-co-sponsored programs are eligible for the same financial aid options. Scholarships are available from the Office of Overseas Study for qualified students on the basis of financial need and academic merit. Most IU scholarships, loans, grants, and fee courtesies/fee remissions (excluding Federal Work-Study and School of Music performance-based scholarships) may be applied to the cost of IU-administered and IU-co-sponsored programs.

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Overseas Study through Another University

The Office of Overseas Study will determine if a student enrolled in a non-IU overseas study program may be eligible to receive his or her IU Bloomington financial aid. If you meet the eligibility requirements to receive aid, the Office of Overseas Study will authorize you to enroll in OVST Y496. Students enrolled in Y496 must complete a consortium through the Office of Overseas Study to receive financial aid; enrollment in OVST Y496 alone does not render you aid-eligible.

Students approved for an overseas study consortium will be eligible for much of the same aid they would receive if enrolled normally on campus; however, since you are not paying tuition/fees to IU Bloomington, you will not be eligible for fee remissions such as dependent child fee courtesy, or state grants such as Indiana Commission for Higher Education O'Bannon/Higher Education grants, 21st Century Scholars Awards, or Child of Certain Veterans and Public Safety Officers' grants.